Zhuangyuan Heater Manufacture Co., Ltd. Introduction_公司新闻_常州市状元电器制造有限公司


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                Zhuangyuan Heater Manufacture Co., Ltd. Introduction



                  Changzhou zhuangyuan Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd (formerly Changzhou zhuangyuan electric factory) production of heater, bearing heater, Gear heater, Motor aluminum hull heater , piston heater heater induction heaters, the company is located in the yangtze River Delta city of Changzhou Wujin High-tech Development Zone, is specialized in the induction heating equipment R & D, manufacturing and sales of the modernization of innovation of science and technology enterprise.

                  Zhuangyuan electrical has a number of years engaged in the induction heating technology research and development of engineering and technical personnel, their long-term commitment to the electromagnetic induction technique of special design, strong technical force for the champion electrical reached the international advanced level to provide a strong technical support.

                  We provide the standard types of heating equipment, can also according to parts of shape and size of customized non-standard electrical heater, zhuangyuan electrical welcome your visit!    E-mail: czzydq@163.com