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                The working principle of bearing heater—Brand zhuangyuan

                  The use of an alternating current to produce an alternating magnetic field, alternating magnetic field is generated by eddy current ( eddy current ) so that the metal workpiece heating rapidly, so it is also called the induction heater, bearing heater.

                  In the process of heating, temperature is heated workpiece metal part, the heater itself and the workpiece is heated non-metallic parts (seals, lubricant and so on) do not fever, so you can use bearing heater to heat the sealed bearing and the lubricating bearing.

                  All closed metal workpiece can be used ( bearing ) induction heater to heat, such as bearings, gears, pulleys, couplings, coupling, dust cover, piston, in short, as long as can be heated rod wear in metal objects, you can use ( bearing ) induction heater to heat.

                  My company all ( bearing ) induction heater with automatic degauss function, the heated workpiece remanence < 2A / cm, to fully meet all pipeline installations.

                  Changzhou zhuangyuan Electric Manufacture Co. bearing heater, range specifications, look forward to working with you.          E-mail: czzydq@163.com  Tel :0086-0519 -86579357